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No, we don't farm squirrels—we farm lavender.

In 2017, Rand and Kate found their dream farm in rural Southwest Colorado and began transitioning the existing alfalfa field to lavender in an effort to conserve water and maintain crop production. In 2022, they brought on their daughter, Claire, to create and market the products made from the abundant harvests. 

Agriculture has always been a staple industry in the Southwest, but the increasing water shortage has put strain on the longevity of our local economy. Honoring the land and community through sustainable, drought-tolerant crops is our main prerogative. Using the harvest from this remarkable crop—lavender—is a necessity.  

Our lavender is grown with sustainable practices and responsible water management––we care about our impact on the planet and on our community’s well-being.


What wellness smells like

There are many things we could have planted in our soil, but few crops are as remarkable as lavender. Cultivating the plants connects us to the Earth, while harvesting, producing, and selling connects us to the community. You could say it is nature and humanity in perfect harmony. Take a moment to connect and breathe in wellness at its finest. 


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14756 Road 21 

Cortez, CO 81321

Agritours by appointment

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